10 Best Camera Lens Coffee Mug Reviews

For any of us, that jolt of caffeine is the only thing that can make us drag ourselves out of bed. It could be in the form of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, apple cider, or any combination of them. Whether or not we can agree on the fact that we’re addicted to hot drinks such as these, no one can argue that we don’t love big, personalized mugs that can hold them for us in style. From those gorgeous stylistic china mugs, to the old ones from your first apartment, they all mean something to us. However, finding a travel mug that is just right in terms of fit, style, and comfort can be hard. After all, you’re looking for one that suits your personality, right? Well, if you are a photographer, you’re in luck! There are all sorts of variations on the camera lens coffee mug, so take a look through these ones.

Camera Lens Coffee MugNow that you know these fantastic camera lens mugs exist, we have to take a look at all of the perks they have. After all, as any coffee lover will tell you, it isn’t all just about the pretty face, right? You have to be assured that you will get practicality and long lasting functionality out of your coffee travel mug. If not, there’s not much use in bringing one home. While there are variations on these mugs, these top ten models all work similar to each other, meaning you have many to choose from when the time comes. First of all, they are all well insulated to make sure that your drinks stays warm when on the go. Secondly, the caps are easy to screw on and off, meaning you can enjoy an easy usage. Lastly, drinking your beverage is a breeze with the shapes offered in varying sizes and forms.

So, you need to think about how you want you coffee mug to work. It has to have a good materials list, one that you can research to make sure it’s right for you. This means you can check on each of these options and choose from the list as far as materials go. You also need to make sure that the insulation is up to your standards. After all, it wouldn’t do to have a mug that simply goes cold after a half hour, right? You need one that is ready to give you a good time in warmth and richness. As far as the materials go, too, you’ll want to look to make sure that it is guaranteed to keep your coffee tasting good. Sometimes those that are lined in plastic create strange tastes that will make you buy a new mug all over again before too long.


Best Camera Lens Coffee Mug Reviews:

CamLabs Camera Lens Coffee Mug Review:

A perfect replica of the Nikon 70-200mm lens, this is a great way to start off the list. It is carefully crafted so that all of the buttons, turn wheels, etc are the same as the real lens so that photography masters with this camera and lens will recognize it for the authentic creation that it is. This is a powerful coffee storer, meaning you can fit up to 16 oz of your favorite blend into this mug. It has a tight screw on lid that won’t let anything drip out, even if it drops to the ground. The mug has been both FDA and SGS approved.

Size: 24-70mm
Stainless Steel Interior
Plastic Exterior

Thermo Lenscup with Stainless Steel Review:

For the recreational coffee drinker who only wants to toe around a small mug with enough coffee for a taste, you’ll love this one. It replicates the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens to a tee and is sure to give anyone a smile who is familiar with this lens and camera. With a stainless steel interior that will keep your drink hot and safe for hours, this is a great 11 oz travel mug that will easily fit into your car or bag. You can really enjoy everything there is available with this fantastic, chic and alternative option.

Size: 70-200mm
Stainless Steel Interior
Plastic Exterior
FREE travel bag

Generic Thermo Lens Coffee Mug Review:

If you have a photographer in your life that you are buying a present for, but are unfamiliar with what kind of camera they use, you may want to look at this option. This is a generic lens travel mug that has all of the gadgets and gizmos that will make the photographer in your life laugh with delight at it. After all, it’s the thought that counts as far as accuracy goes, right? There’s plenty of practicality included in this mug option, too, with 16 oz capacity and a full stainless steel interior that will keep your drink fresh and warm.

Size: 24-105mm
Stainless Steel Interior
Plastic Exterior
2 Year Warranty

Mango Spot Lens Mug Review:

Whether you want to use it for hot or cold drinks, this is the perfect replica of a generic and endearing DSLR lens. It has the stripes and buttons to create a great look alike and will really impress those out there who may not know the ins and outs of a specific camera lens. This can hold up to 12oz, the perfect size for most of us, and will keep your drink warm with a fully insulated stainless steel creation. Enjoy all of the fun that you can have with this durable and adorable camera lens mug.

Caniam Camera Lens Coffee Mug Review:

With heavy duty construction that will leave you feeling as though you are getting your money’s worth out of this travel mug, you can really get a good experience out of this Eos 24-105mm Model. It has an easy sip lid and the assurance that you won’t have any chance of spilling your drink all over yourself or your car. For those that are accident prone, this is definitely something to help you out when the need arises, yes? With 12oz available for all of your needs, you’ll get a great drink and a cute mug look to go along with it.

EastVita Travel Coffee Mug Review:

If you love miniatures, this camera lens mug presents a great option. It holds up to 11oz and has a great look to it that seriously replicates a camera lens. It has all sorts of features that will make this a great fit for your home, including a good solid grip so that you can take the cap off easily and hold the mug in your hand. The stainless steel insulation ensures a warm drink and a cool exterior for your comfort. This will give you all sorts of great options for your travelling style, and you get a great design to boot.

Canon SLR Lens Mug Review:

With a stunning design that will satisfy everyone, this Canon SLR Lens 24-105mm travel mug is a great design that will really help you create a unique style that is made all of the better with the practical sizing of a decent cup of coffee. Mimicking the design of the Canon SLR Lens 24-105mm, you can enjoy a clear top of the mug that mimics the lens itself. It’s a great design that secures tightly and then screws off to allow you access to the drink when you’re ready to sip on it. This is a great gift option for photography lovers!

Flash Pro Nikon Lens Coffee Cup Review:

Perfect for a loved one, or yourself, this is an exact replica of the Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G ED Camera Lens that is well known to photographers everywhere. It is a popular camera and lens that has made their careers much easier. It is a powerful lens that is perfectly replicated here as a joke and also as a great option for anyone who is looking for a great gift idea for loved ones. With a non-spill creation for easy storage, and a great insulated interior that will guarantee taste and warmth, you can’t help by love this great creation!

iCooker FFX-260 Camera Lens Coffee Mug Review:

For those who love the 12oz size, this is a great option too. More generic and labelled with the “iCooker” label, this not an exact replica of a camera lens, but has enough of the features that it will impress anyone who is known to photography and all of the great things that it can do. This will keep your drink warm for many hours. The inside is fully insulated to ensure your comfort and taste. You’ll love it.

Claybox Nikon Camera Lens Coffee Mug Review:

For the camera buff that is looking for a great new toy to play with, this Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G replica coffee mug is going to help you out. It is one of the best options for a camera lens mug as it is so realistic and adorable. It is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and will hold an impressive 14.5oz so that you never have to be without your caffeine fix. A great gift option for sure.

So, there you have it, all sorts of options for your hunt for the best camera lens mug. There are great options out there for realistic replicas as well as practicality. It is our hope that you find your perfect design in these top ten options and that it makes the perfect gift.