Asus VG248QE Review

3D technology and its content is something that has made a lot of strides especially in the recent months. Thus, the Asus VG248QE review is the best way in which you can know of the support for 3D that you can get through this company’s product.

I can assure you that this Asus VG248QE review will help you have the best clarity to use this monitor in the most optimal way. The reason why I say that this is great for 3D technology is because it was originally made to increase the fluidity of the active shutter glasses that are used at the time of viewing 3D.

Besides all this there are some features that I find extremely useful for 2D viewing through the 120Hz monitors as well. There are also many reasons why this monitor has been the love of most gamers of this community.

Asus VG248QE Review

The reasons and features for the Asus vg248qe review are given as follows

Asus VG248QE Review: Reasons to Buy

  • It has a high refresh rate due to which there is a very smooth and fluid feeling across viewing especially in gaming.
  • It is the pioneer to take steps exclusively for gamers by introducing 144Hz LCDs with VG278HE.
  • The Asus uses flexible ergonomic functionality while this model has enhanced performance assessing objectives.
  • The bezels are designed at a reasonable width of 16 mm at the sides and 18mm and 20mm at the top and bottom respectively.
  • The surface of the screen is also an anti-glare treated one and doesn’t affect the clarity at all. The appearance of the monitor is that of a shiny, solid black color, glossy one.
  • The modes and buttons for operation at the bottom of the monitor are easy to operate and widely spaced for easier control.
  • It has some really cool advanced features like the Nvidia 3D vision ready, 144Hz trace free options and modes etc.
  • The pivot of the monitor can be rotated to go into portrait orientation easily for different viewing angles throughout the TN panel limits. Thus, it can be used vertically and horizontally both.
  • It has all of the selection ports, Ac inputs, headphone jacks and all that is actually needed for the true and ultimate gaming experience for all such lovers.

Asus VG248QE Review: Some Cool Features

  • It makes use of a 144Hz TN panel from AUO with a WLED backlight 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • It also has a specified 1 ms grey to grey response time besides plenty of monitor brightness followed
  • Due to its high brightness it overcomes the diming effects of the active shutter glass very well.
  • The well laid on-screen display system is very easy to understand and operate. It also has different solutions and modes to be chosen while Nvidia LightBoost can also be used in this model. However, it should first have the supporting VGA cards for it.

The only con that it has is that it is a bit expensive even though it has no direct competitors in the market especially in the US.

Thus, now that you have read the Asus VG248QE review fully, you know that it is surely a good buy.