18 Best Mechanical Pencil Reviews

We all love mechanical pencil. It provides clean writing results and also very versatile to use. There is wide selection of mechanical pencil in various styles, purposes, brands, and more. The thing is there is no such thing as having a too much mechanical pencil, right. Thus, we have compiled the top 18 best mechanical pencil reviews to help you narrow down the list.

Best Mechanical Pencil

Best Mechanical Pencil Reviews:

Zebra M-301 Review:

Zebra M-301 has the same body as a pen. It is made of a sturdy stainless steel body with a click button. The holder is made of black plastic that holds the stainless steel body. The barrel part is also nice containing the pencil’s information. The pencil also has good grip part with some pattern to gives better grip. The Zebra M-301 is a great pencil that lives up to the ballpoint expectations. Considering the material and the price, the pencil is a drafting-friendly utensil. It can last for a long time if you can find the correct refill.

Uni-Ball KuruToga Review:

Uni-Ball KuruToga is a fine pencil in its own class. The pencil is made of a sturdy plastic material which provides comfort when writing. The main selling point of Uni-Ball KuruToga is the mechanism in the grip section. The mechanism beneath the grip section rotates the lead when writing. The rotating lead is beneficial to keep the lead sharp and point. Every time you write and press the lead to the paper, the core rotation system rotates and kicks in the lead to keep it sharp always. The eraser part is quite wobbly but not too terrible. You can still use it anyway.

Zebra Sharbo X Review:

The Zebra Sharbo X is perfect in shape. Made of coated brass, the weight of the pencil is greater than an average plastic pencil. But it is not too heavy in general. It gives the right balance. You feel the weight of the pen in hand but it does not affect your writing as well. Besides the weight, the pencil has the best mechanism. It is designed in a specific way so, that you can rotate the top half. Thus, the pen will continue to twist the lead to the same directions as your writing. The Sharbo X pencil has three cartridge slots in which you can use one cartridge to store pencil lead. The other two cartridges are great to store different colored ink. The lines come from both colors are clean and nice without skipping.

Pentel Twist-Erase III Review:

In term of size, the Pentel Twist-Erase III is considered a bulky mechanical pencil. Even though it is big in size but it is surprisingly light in weight since it is made of the fully plastic body. As a full plastic pencil, the only metal part is the nose cone and the clip. Meanwhile, the top part of the pencil is larger in diameter than the down part as it provides the place for an eraser. To insert pencil lead, you can insert it into the inner tube by pulling the pencil apart. The most interesting part of this pencil it greatly constructed with latex-free rubber for the grip. Plus, it is light and easy to write with that amount of weight.

Pentel GraphGear 1000 Review:

Pentel Graph Gear 1000 is available in five sizes with color coded to differentiate. The eraser part has a bigger cap but still small compared to others. Still, it erases properly. The barrel part is made of aluminum part. The pencil runs for 2B to 2H which may be limited for some of you. The grip part is knurled aluminum with some gel-like protuberances. The combination of aluminum and gel gives a good grip without making uncomfortable. The best part of this pencil is the retractable tip. You can extend the tip by pressing the cap and pressing the clip to retract it. When you retract the tip, it will automatically retract the lead as well.

Uni-Ball Pipe Lock Drafting Pencil Review:

The Uni-Ball Pipe Lock Pencil takes the design to another level as it allows you to retract the pencil tip with a simple twist of the barrel. It gives extra protection for the lead and tip. To top it off, the pencil has a nice hold and very comfortable to write. If you are a big fan of a pencil with knurled grip; this pencil is the champ. The Uni-Ball Pipe Lock pencil is available in three different colors which as red, black, and white. The barrel is made of plastic which gives lower gravity center. However, from an aesthetic perspective, the aluminum barrel would look best instead of plastic.

Alvin Draft-Matic Review:

You may think that bright color of this pencil makes it looks less aesthetic. But, the bright yellow becomes the attractive thing about this pencil. It really makes the cap chrome clip, and knurling stand out. The knurling part gives a good grip even though it can be quite rough for your finger. The Alvin Draft-Matic uses 0.3mm lead but you can also use 0.5mm size. The pencil is made of plastic to keep it light and reduce hand fatigue. Even though the outer part is plastic, but the interior part is made from metal. The indicator of the lead grade is simply an accessory because it can rotate on itself even when you do not want it.

Staedtler Mars 780 Technical Review:

If you are into a mechanic pencil, you certainly know that Staedtler Mars 780 is basically a simple mechanical pencil technology. It has no recent and unique clicky lead dispenser. Surprisingly, the simple technology becomes the main selling point of the pencil. The button cap also serves as a lead sharpener. When you need to sharpen the lead, you can just simply pull out the button part and the poke the lead into the hole. For some people who do not like thin pencil lead, this pencil set 2mm size leads. Also, you can sharpen it as you needed and get a good and sharp point.

OHTO Promecha OP-1000P Review:

Promecha OP-1000P is one of the most popular pencils from OHTO. The mechanical pencil has great ranges of lead sizes. In addition, it has a lead indicator which allows you to know what kind of lead that you are using. Constructed in the aluminum barrel, it features retractable tip, eraser, and also removable clip. To be able to extend and retract the lead, you should knurl the grip. You can control how much you want to extend the lead pipe. The knurling gives a good grip without being too rough or uncomfortable. However, you will find that this pencil is a bit odd because of the wider grip than other pencils.

Pentel Sharp Kerry Review:

Pentel Sharp Kerry is a hand-crafted pencil made in precision and high quality. The pencil is a unique mechanical pencil which features portable and removable cap. If you find the feature among other mechanical pencils, this feature may be quite rare. Also, you can use the working plunger to extend the mechanical pencil even when you use the pencil with or without the cap on. The pencil cap actually uses to protect the lead from accidental breakage. If another pencil has a retractable tip to protect the lead, this pencil uses the cap to protect the lead. Even when the cap is closed and you click the pencil; it will never reach the cap.

Autopoint Twinpoint All-American Review:

The Autopoint Twinpoint pencil is an American-made pencil with dual twist feature. The idea is like a double sided pencil but Twinpoint comes in different lead colors. The Twinpoint pencil comes in blue and red. The pencil has patented grip with tite tip to make the lead stable and not wobbly or fall out. Made of plastic, the pencil body shapes in octagonal with metal tips and clips. The design makes the pencil looks sharps as well as it prevents from rolling off the table. The tip part is very smooth and if you grab the pencil anywhere near the tip, it will feel uncomfortable. The main downside of this pencil is it has no eraser as it is a dual sided item.

Rotring 600 Review:

The Rotring 600 is the all time classic for a mechanical pencil. The design of the pencil is at eh finest. It has the smooth brass with a hexagonal body with good knurled grip. The lead indicator feature gives the pencil clean look. Plus, the red circle addition has become the icon of Rotring. Aside from the look, this pencil has a good balance of the weight for drawing or writing. Compared to other drafting pencils, Rotring 600 may be slightly heavier but it is not a major problem. With all the features, you will find that this pencil is great for any purpose since architects, engineers, and artists use it as well.

Cross Century Chrome Review:

If you are looking for a fountain pen, the Cross Century Crome can be a good choice. It is a thin and small pen. The design of the pen is sleek with the word cross engraved on the body in the same color. Compared to the previous product, the Century Chrome is quite low in the craftsmanship. The twist mechanism is not tight enough. You will find the bottom part wiggle as you turn it.

Metal Shop Raw Copper Twist Bullet Pencil Review:

The Metal Shop Raw Copper Twist Bullet Pencil works in two ways. One, the pencil nub fit the general size of any golf pencil. Two, you fit the pencil into the casing by screwing it. It is a great way to protect your pencil in backpack, pocket, pencil case and even washing machine. The casing Copper Twist shapes in bullet made of machine aluminum in high quality. The pencil built comes in five different colors: red, green, black, blue, and aluminum. There are also two different kinds of tip end which are pointed and rounded.

Porsche Design P3130 Micado Review:

One attractive point of Porsche Design P3130 Micado is the mastery among, technology, materials, and function. Those three points blend well and become great writing instrument. The barrel of the pencil consists of seventeen gleaming stainless steel material. Another unusual feature is the mechanism. When you retract and extend the tipping point, the stem of the pencil will lie straight. This best mechanical pencil uses 0.7mm lead sizes. The great feature makes the pencil practical for everyday use. The high-quality design and material ensure that the pencil will last for a long time.

Delta Dolcevita Medium Mechanical Pencil Review:

The Delta Traditional handcraft production creates Dolcevita Medium mechanical pencil. The classic product of Dolcevita features a combination of orange pearl effect and black resin bars. However, the Dolcevita Medium mechanical pencil is made of elastic metal alloy. It features small rolling wheel which allows you easily slide in and out from the breast pocket. The pencil cap is made of sterling silver with hand engraving. In general, the pencil uses 0.9mm lead sizes and it is refillable.

Yard-O-Led Victorian Diplomat Review:

The Yard-O-Led mechanical pencil is not every day and average brand name. It is considered as one of the luxury brands for Yard-O-Led. Even though the name is unusual, but the pencil happens to be a practical item. What makes this pencil quite distinctive is that every item is handcrafted. Each of the pencils is personally engraved to create a unique pattern using traditional techniques. For each pencil, it is crafted from a sheet silver through eight different steps. Also, it takes around five hours to finish one pencil.

Caran d’Ache Ivanhoe Review:

Caran d’Ache Ivanhoe is a silver coated mechanical pencil. It is available in various series but in general, it has a silver plate. The pencil barrel wraps in chain mail made of stainless steel with rhodium plate. Similar to other mechanical pencils, it features push button system and uses 0.7mm lead sizes made of graphite. Manufactured in Swiss, the pencil pays attention to details. Also, the silver-plated accents give the elegant and rich design to the pencil.

Tips to Buy Best Mechanical Pencil:

Let say you are going to buy a best mechanical pencil but still wondering which is the best. The first thing to decide is the purpose. What you are going to do with the pencil. If you want to use it for writing and sketching purpose, you may need one with a pointed tip. But if you want to buy as a gift, you may need to consider the elegant and hand-crafted mechanical pencil. Besides the purpose, you should also decide the feature that you want from the pencil. This includes the mechanics, erasers, grip, the lead size, and more. The last thing is the price. The are wide ranges of pricing from cheap to expensive. You should decide the budget and stick o it.

There are wide selections of a best mechanical pencil in the market. They come with different feature, brand, and price. Before buying one, it is crucial to read reviews of a best mechanical pencil to make sure it suits your needs.