16 Best Mountain Bikes Under 1000 Reviews

The only two things you need to have a proper adventure in life are a destination, and a great bike underneath you to keep you moving along.  With all of the developments today, there’s a lot of choice out there in terms of what bike you should choose, so here is all you need to know about the best mountain bikes under 1000 dollar so that you can make an informed decision about which bike is going to take your the farthest and give you the best adventure a person could hope for.  You may learn more about your destination along the search, too!  Happy hunting.

best mountain bikes under 1000

Best Mountain Bikes Under 1000:

Recoil 29er Overdrive 29er Merax Finiss
best mountain bikes under 1000 best mountain bikes under 1000 best mountain bikes under 1000
4.0 Out of 5 4.4 Out of 5 4.2 Out of 5
36.5 lbs 205 lbs 34 lbs
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Our Best Mountain Bikes Under 1000 Reviews:

Diamondback Bicycles Recoil 29er Review:

best mountain bikes under 1000

This is a great bike to start off your journey. It’s not going to contained by the rules of the road with its full mountain bike capability. It has all of the gears and all of the comfort that you are looking for in a bike that will take you anywhere in the world that you want to go. Choosing the destination is totally up to you, and you are going to really love how you get there. After all, when you strap that backpack on and are ready to hit the road, this is a companion bike that you will find never lets you down. The best part is going to be when all of the other bikers in your life take note according to your style and choice. Get Diamondback Bicycles Recoil 29er Here.

Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive 29er Review:

best mountain bikes under 1000

This is the recommendation made by our team simply because this mountain bike outshines all others. It’s got superior comfort and it is going to fit you perfectly with all of the customization that you can do in order to make it more comfortable and suit what you are looking for. When you are buying a bike with this kind of construction, you are going to get a quality made bike that is going to fit you perfectly and give you the exact comfort that you are going to want on those long days out on the trails (or off road).
It’s got all of the perks that you are looking for and a kind of quality and convenience that you didn’t realize you needed in your life. Get Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive 29er Here.

Merax Finiss Mountain Bike Review:

best mountain bikes under 1000

For a snazzy mountain bike that is going to make all of your friends jealous, this is certainly one to consider for all of your needs. It’s got a great sporty look that, combined with all of the perks that you’re looking for from a bike, is going to keep you using it day and day again, much to your satisfaction. If you are someone who really enjoys making the most out of your investments, this is a great option to consider. The wheels will give you great grips on the toughest of terrains, and you can bike without fear of falling into a circle of disrepair. This will keep you flying at full speed to all of the places that you want most to visit. Get Merax Finiss Mountain Bike Here.

Kent Thruster KZ2600 Bike Review:

best mountain bikes under 1000

For those who are really into pushing a bike to its limits, check out this fantastic one. It’s sure to help you understand why it’s on the list of the best mountain bikes under 1000. It’s got all of the shock impact that you need, the traction that keeps you moving at top speed, and the comfort that comes from having a bike that is going to move with you in an intimate way so that you know what the connection between man and machine is all about in your own way.
Those who want a professional ride and feel are going to get all of that and much more with this fantastic fit. It’ll help you understand, too, that you need to look in the high range in order to get the ultimate fit. Get Kent Thruster KZ2600 Bike Here.

Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle Review:

best mountain bikes under 1000

With lots of speed and agility built into its design, this is a professional bike that is accessible or anyone who is looking to have a good time out and about. It’s got the shock impact that will make this a great ride no matter where you go. From in the woods to on the streets, this is a great option to consider for the person who is always on the go and looking for a device that is going to keep them moving in comfort. With all of the features you’re looking for in a mountain bike, you’ll really enjoy what this one is selling to you. Get Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle Here.

Kent Thruster T-29 Mountain Bike Review:

best mountain bikes under 1000

Perfect for all weather conditions, you’ll get a great purchase with this. It’s got a glorious heavyweight feel that will keep you rooted firmly on the ground and on track with where you are hoping to go. This is absolutely a great investment for those who are still growing, too, due to the fact that it is going to be able to change sizes and grow with the child him/herself. Get Kent Thruster T-29 Men’s Mountain Bike Here.


More Top Rated Mountain Bikes Under $1000:

Northwoods Full Suspension Mountain Bike Review:

best mountain bikes under 1000

This is one of the best 4.5 stars out of 5 rated mountain bike. It is the cheapest that customers have found. It is loved by them due to its light weight and good performance. However, it needs assembling and tuning time. It has great quality and durability while being very well built.
It has the following features:

  • Full suspension aluminum frame (50mm steel) along with crown fork
  • 24-inch alloy rims and 21 speed twist shifters
  • Crank steel triple features with Shimano rear derailleur
  • Priced between $144 to $327 with a beautiful grey and green color (Get Northwoods Full Suspension Mountain Bike Here)

Roadmaster Granite Peak Bike Review:

best mountain bikes under 1000

This is truly one of the best mountain bikes under 1000 as it is of only $97.15. It has four out of five stars from customers and is also the best as it requires minimum assembly. People love its for its great fit for size of 66 x 23 x 39 inches and only weighs 40 pounds. It is also one of the best sellers at Amazon.
Its features are given below:


  • Roadmaster granite peak bike great for cruising
  • Suspension fork for smoothing ahead path and SRAM twist shifters for smooth gear changing
  • Gear range three-piece mountain crank
  • Linear pull brakes for stopping power
  • 26-inch wheels and alloy rims (Get Roadmaster Granite Peak Bike Here)

Diamondback Bicycles Complete Mountain Review:

best mountain bikes under 1000

It is a great trendy looking black, silver, and blue bike with 4 out of 5 stars by customers. Priced at $138.64 it is also very suitable for all 9-12 year olds. Made of steel and linear pull style, it requires very minimal assembly and is therefore, a great buy at the store too. The weight of just 40 pounds is also a reason for its preference.
It includes the following features:


Scwhinn Protocol Bike Review:

best mountain bikes under 1000

Priced at 4338.69 this is a dual suspension mountain bike for men. It has a solid red attractive color along with its big 26 inch wheels that give it a great huge look. It only weighs 43 pounds which is also why people prefer it. Moreover, the full aluminum frame material with linear pull disc for brakes also makes it preferable by people for safety.
The features include:

  • Aluminum dual suspension frame with steel rear
  • Shimano Altus 24 speed with Shimano EF-50 trigger shifters
  • Professional Max front disc brake and suntour suspension fork
  • MTB Handlebar with Schwinn 4 bolt A-Head Stem
  • Great high alloy rims with black bladed spokes (Get Scwhinn Protocol Bike Here)

Mongoose Cache Mountain Bike Review:

best mountain bikes under 1000

This is a very suited bike for just the price of $149.99 and has mechanical disc braking style in it. It is loved by people for it good kick stand, easy to use and lightweight feature. It is rated 3 out of 5 stars by most of the consumers and bikers who have used it or purchased it.
It also includes the following in it:

  • Cool 26-inch wheel grip
  • 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur with SRAM twist shifters
  • Mongoose Aluminum full suspension frame
  • Front suspension fork
  • Front disc brake and linear pull power
  • Lightweight alloy wheels (Get Mongoose Cache Mountain Bike Here)

Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Review:

best mountain bikes under 1000

This is a complete mountain bike known as the hard tail series. Rated 4 out of 5 stars it is priced between $329.99 and $379.21. It is loved for the sizes can be chosen very easily particularly for tall men. It is available in a solid black color with blue signature style logo that makes for the attractive preference too.
It has the following features of this bike:

  • Package included wrench for pedals, few hexes and a torque wrench
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • True aluminum frame and lightweight features
  • A great price for good parts and very comfortable seat
  • Variable 16, 18, 20, and 22-inch size (Get Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Here)

Schwinn High Timber Bike Review:

best mountain bikes under 1000

This is a 27.5 inch men’s mountain bike which has 4.5 out o 5 stars. It is priced only at $176.47 and is a very striking black and white look. It only weighs 47.55 pounds which is why most people prefer it.
The features are given as follows:

  • New schwinn mountain frame with suspension fork (controlled riding)
  • Shimano twist shifters with 21 speeds and Shimano derailleur (quick gear changes)
  • V alloy brakes for controlled stopping grips
  • Alloy wheels with 27.5-inch hold
  • 3-piece alloy crank with wide gear range (Get Schwinn High Timber Bike Here)

Huff Bicycles 26326 Alphine Bicycle Review:

best mountain bikes under 1000

This is a 3-star bike and costs only $124.99. It has a truly attractive glowing green and black solid color. It has rim brakes and weighs only 47 pounds. People have preferred it because it has no issues at all and is a good value for money. It also has a very easy to assemble usage.
It includes:

  • A 26-inch large size with 1.95-inche knobby tires
  • Alloy black rims with an overall metallic crimson color
  • Durable and hard steel with tail frame
  • Linear pull steel brakes and kolo steel 3-piece crank
  • 18 speeds twist shifts with a comfortable padded seat. (Get Huff Bicycles 26326 Alphine Bicycle Here)

24-Inch Granite Boys Bike Review:

best mountain bikes under 1000

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars this is a rugged steel mountain bike frame that is known to provide great smooth rides through its suspension fork included in it. It also has a featured padded and quickly adjustable seat while it also does not weigh much too. All these reviews have made it famous.
It has the following features:

  • 18 speeds of Shimano hardware and SRAM drive twist shifters
  • Precise shifting mechanism
  • 24-inch mountain tires with front and rear linear pull brakes
  • Easy to assemble usage (Get 24-Inch Granite Boys Bike Here)

Mongoose Women Bike Review:

best mountain bikes under 1000

Costing just $152.99 this is an aluminum mountain frame bike with great geometry for easy control. Adventurous users love the safe front and rear v brakes and the 26 inch wheels with full suspension in them.
It includes:

  • 21 speeds and SRAM shifters
  • Three-piece crank and alloy rims for wider gear ranges and control
  • Black and navy blue solid color dark theme (Get Mongoose Women Bike Here)

There is a lot to love about all of these best mountain bikes under 1000, but now is the time to go through and find the one that you think is going to make your life the best.