6 Best Vape Pen for Wax Reviews

It seems that vaping is a big thing to happen at the moment. Most people around the globe start to replace their conventional smoking habit with a vaporizer. Not only do they use it as an alternate cigarette, but also to get a different sensation and taste. There are various types of vape pens, and one of them is using wax. If you are looking for the best vape pen for wax, check out the list below.

Best Vape Pen for Wax

Best Vape Pen for Wax Reviews:

Series 3 Dab Pen for Wax:

Ever heard of V2 Pro Series 3 vape pen? You can consider it to be the best vape pen for wax. For your information, wax is not the only material you can use to vape here. You can also use other ingredients like oil and dry herb thanks to its 3-in-1 capabilities. There are still some other features you might like from this item. First, it is quite lightweight as well as small enough to put into a small case or even pocket. Second, it features recharging system. Unlike most vaporizers, we can still use it even when it is recharging. Third, speaking of use, this vape is really easy to operate that anyone can use it. The pro of this vape is that it is affordable enough in spite of its top quality features. The con is that it can easily break if you do not maintain it regularly.

Pax Era Dab Pen for Wax:

Pax Era Dab Pen comes with such an innovative technology. First, you can control its temperature with range from 1 to 4. Besides changing it manually, you can do it with your Android or iOS smartphone too as it is Bluetooth compatible. Second, it has a special feature of SimpleClick Pod. It is really easy to insert it to the vape. Moreover, it is quite durable that there will be no dripping or clogging issue. There are several pods available with different flavors for you to taste. The appearance of this vape is like a regular lighter so it is convenient to carry it around. No wonder some people consider it as another best vape pen for wax by looking at these features. The pro is its elegant case with beautiful LED light. The only con it has is its pods are only available in Colorado or California at the moment.

MigVapor Keymaker Wax Pen:

Keymaker Wax Pen by MigVapor is the ultimate item for an amazing wax vaping experience. Besides wax, you can also use it to vape herb concentrates. However, you need to use ceramic rod coil specially made for that purpose. This vape is totally free from combustion. It completely use a heating system to produce steam. It only takes 2 to 3 seconds to heat up the material. Furthermore, it is really easy to operate the vape. In order to turn it on, we only need to click the button 5 times for On and Off. There are 3 colors you can choose here, which are light green, black, and stainless. The pro is that its sleek design is suitable to hold in your hand. In addition, it is quite discrete to take to anywhere. The con is you might find some problems with the recharging system. For example, it can stop working after a few days use.

KandyPens Galaxy Vape Pen:

KandyPens Galaxy is the best vape pen for wax which has earned such a big popularity. It even won an award in 2016 for category of best vaporizer. This vape comes with an elegant design and beautiful package too. Its quarts crytals chamber and dual quartz rods are specially designed for concentrates or waxes. So, dried material is not applicable here. About the heating system, you can control the temperature up to 3 levels. The LED light will tell you which level you are. Red means low, green is medium, and blue refers to high. What’s more amazing about this vape is the battery life. Even with dual rods, it is still able to last longer. No worries about the portability since it is small and has no bulky figure. The pro is you will not find any chemical tastes with this vape. The con is some users might get confused about the red LED light as high temperature.

Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape Pen:

Dr. Dabber Aurora is another award-winning best vape pen for wax you can give a try. The first unique thing about this item is how the 3 components got attached. Unlike others that need to screw on and off, this one can be held each other magnetically. The magnet used here are quite strong that each part will not get seperated easily. In order to let you taste various types of waxes and oils, this vape consists of 3 atomizers for different uses. The heating system also comes in 3 settings. Each setting allows you to get distinct consistencies. The charger is also different from other types. It provides a special space to hold the atomizer while you are recharging the mod. The pro is you might only need to charge it once a week depend on how you use it. The con is it might be lack of the airflow.

G Pen by Grenco Science Wax Vape:

G Pen by Grenco Science is quite famous for being the best vape pen for wax. Of course they are also the expert in other materials like oil and dry herb. They have a number of vaporizers with its own speciality. Besides the use, each of them has their own unique design. Not to mention, they are beautifully packaged as well. In the package, you already got a complete kit for your vaping activities, including the cleaning kit. Using G Pen does not require a complicated operation. Most of their products have quite the same method in application. There is a USB charger to recharge the device. You can also charge it with wall charger for alternative option. The pro is that the easiness of use makes it perfect for beginners who want to try vaping. The con is that a combustion of dry herbs might happen.Yet, you can solve it by adding a glass/mesh screen.

As you can see, the vaporizers mentioned above are different to each other. They can give you a different vaping sensation in their own way. So, have you decided which best vape pen for wax you would like to apply?