4 Best Vape Pen for Weed Reviews

Are you still smoking in traditional way with a cigarette? How about you change it with vape? In these days, vaporizer is starting to become popular. Not only does it have a unique taste, but also make people more confident. But, among of all products, which one is the best vape pen for weed? Here we have listed a number of them considered to be the best ones.

Best Vape Pen for Weed

Best Vape Pen for Weed:

V2 Pro Series 3 Vape Pen for Weeding:

Best Vape Pen for Weed

The first best vape pen for weed is V2 Pro Series 3. This one will give you such an amazing vaping experience with its high quality. The design is very simple and easy to use. When it runs out of power, you can simply charge it with USB charger. Due to its magnetic feature, both of the cartridge and charger will not loose easily. There are 3 colors available, which are blue, black, and stainless steel. The pro of the product is that it has such a great battery life. The con is it might stop working after a few months use.

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Atmos Jump Vape Pen for Weed:

Atmos Jump is another best vape pen for weed you can try on. It is free of nicotine which makes it to be a safer choice. You can use it to vaporize several kinds of dry herbs, including weed or even flowers. The anodized heating chamber can give you a rich and amazing vaping experience. When you want to clean it out, you can use its cleaning brush included in the package. The pro is how easy to use this vape that even beginners can apply it too. The con is there might be some cracks appeared on its mouthpiece after several months.

Atmos Boss Vape Pen for Weed:

If you are looking for a vaporizer rich of flavor without any complications, then try Atmos Boss. It has only one button to turn on for you to draw and enjoy. Unlike other vapes, this one has a consistent temperature, which 400 degrees. Hence, it can heat up your dry herbs perfectly without burning them. Its stainless steel body material makes it quite durable. The simple design allows you to carry it anywhere you want. Its pro is you will get such a tasty flavor from this vape. The con is it will not produce much vapor. But, it is understandable since this is not for oil after all.

Cloud V Phantom Mini Vape Pen for Weed:

Most vape pens already comes with such a simple design. But, Cloud V Phantom Mini is not only simple, but also small with 5.3” height and 0.7” diameter. It is easier to carry or even keep it in our pocket. The burning system used in this item is convection method. It means the oil will never have a direct contact with the heat. As a result, you can enjoy the vaping in comfort. The pro is it can get you high fast enough, especially when you are in a hurry. The con is the mouthpiece can get too hot that it will burn your lips.

Those are all the vapes you can put into your list when you want to buy one. So, based on the review above, which best vape pen for weed you would like to choose?