11 Best Vape Pen Reviews

Nowadays there are some people starting to replace their cigarette with a vape. There are several reasons why people like it more. First, it can save them more money. Second, it tastes wonderful. Third, the consumers become more confident. Last but not least, the large amount of vapor allow them to be creative by playing the smoke. If you want to get one to experience these reasons, you can choose one best vape pen out of 11 items below.

best vape pen

Best Vape Pen:

V2Pro Series 3 Vape Pen:

Let’s start with V2Pro Series 3 Vape Pen. Among of all items, most consumers state it to be the best vape pen ever. It provides 3-in-1 capabilities which allow you to get a full experience of vaping. The design of it is very simple like a pen. It is easy to carry anywhere you want. You even can keep it in your pocket. This vaporizer is quite easy to use. What you need to do is simply insert the cartridge filled with e-liquid, push the button, draw and enjoy.

When the power is getting low, you can recharge it with its USB charger. Its magnetic feature will ensure the charger to stay still. There are 3 different colors you can choose from the vape. Those are blue, black, and stainless steel.

Pros: Cons:
  • The pro is the easiness in using it without any difficult setting. Moreover, it produces such think smokes which can satisfy you a lot. Due to its high quality, a number of consumers have claimed how they never smoke any cigarettes again after using the cape.
  • The con is the charger might break within a few months use.

What Is the Best Vape Pen?

VaporFi Orbit Vaporizer:

VaporFi Orbit Vaporizer has such a stylish and minimalist design. However, although it is a vape pen, its size is a bit bigger than you thought. With this vape, you can use any kinds of dry herbs you like. Furthermore, unlike the other vape, its starting process is more complicated. We have to open the mouthpiece, fill the herb chamber, and the close it again. And, it is still continuing with pressing the button for several times to turn it on. However, once you have used it a couple of times, it will become easy to use. You can pick the color between red or black. The pro is you can purchase this best vape pen with such an affordable price. The con is its lackness of vapor.

XEO Void Vape Pen:

XEO Void Vape Pen is the best choice for both beginners as well as experienced vapers. It has such a sleek design. It uses latest technology known as sub ohm vaping which makes it compatible with VG and PG e-liquid blends. Some other vape pens usually deal with leaking problem. But, you will not get such issue since its durable body has a leak-proof feature. In addition, it is also child-proof. So, you may relax a bit when your children take it without you knowing it. You can select 3 shades from this product, which are Gun Metal, Black, and Burst Silver. The pro is that the high quality from the vape comes at a low price. The con is sometimes the mouthpiece can get too hot.

V2 VERTX E-liquid Vaporizer Pen:

V2 VERTX E-liquid Vaporizer Pen is totaly different from other options we have here. This e-cigarette is like something far from the future due to its advanced technology. In this vape, there are several unique features. First, it has touch screen where you can control the voltage or brightness. You can also apply it to stop the operation. Second, the high-capacity cartridge will stay attached inside the vape magnetically. Third, the battery life is longer than ever. Moreover, there is a level indicator which tells you its power. No wonder some people consider it as the best vape pen with these cool features. The pro is that you can use it easily without doing any complicated settings at all. The con is that the price is slightly higher than other choices.

Other Best Vape Pen Reviews:

JUUL E-liquid Vape Pen:

If you are about to replace your smoking habit, JUUL is the best vape pen you can start with. The design is quite small and thin with an elegant rectangular shape. It can fit inside your pocket without making you uncomfortable. About the usage, it is so easy that you might not need the instruction. When the battery is low, you can recharge it with magnetic USB charger. You can tap the device twice to know its battery level. Green means full, yellow is medium, and red is low. The pro is certainly its beautiful and friendly design that allows you to travel with it anywhere. The only con is it will not give you the same sensation of smoking with cigarette.

MigVapor Matrix Ceramic Vape Pen:

MigVapor Matrix Ceramix is another best vape pen with different style. The design is quite stylish and compact. It has an OLED display which tells you the temperature level. Speaking of temperature, most vaporizers usually offer limited option. This one enables you to customize it from 1 degree Fahrenheit up to 300-435 degree Fahrenheit. You can set it by clicking the + and – button below the screen. This product is compatible with oils and concentrates. Besides being easy to use, this vape is also easy to clean. The package already includes one cleaning brush so you can cleanse it regularly. The pro is definitely its customizable temperature setting. The con is some parts like mouthpiece and charger port might break after a few months use.

Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape Pen:

There is no need to question this best vape pen anymore. Dr. Dabber Aurora vaporizer has won several awards for its innovation. First, it has 3 heat settings which can enhance the flavour for different consistencies. Second, it features Snap Tech Magnetics where you can just click it to connect for charging. Third, it equips 3 atomizers to match your favorable oils and waxes. Fourth, the mouthpiece made of ceramic is ergonomically fit and let the air flows smoothly. Moreover, the shotgun mouthpiece will prevent clogging to happen. The pro of this product is the convenience of the magnetic connection. Moreover, the atomizers are quite helpful too for some consumers. The con is that it has such a short battery life due to its small size.

Z-Stick Vape Pen with the Sub-Herb Tank:

Looking for a powerful vaping kit? Then take a look at Z Stick, the best vape pen complete with a sub-herb tank. Thanks to its 40 watt mod and 2-10 volts of the voltage output, the mod is able to create strong yet smooth vapor. Not to mention, there is the sub-herb tank which can enhance your vaping experience. You can use this tank either with concentrates or oils. The vape may have a bulky appearance, but it is still suitable on your palm. Furthermore, you can use it for a long time as it has a long battery life, which is 2200 mAh. The pro is its sleek and compact design that can fit into your pocket. The con is the chamber cannot heat the dry herb evenly.

Atmos Jump Vape Pen:

When we look at Atmos Jump Vape Pen, the first thing we see is the appearance. It is very slim and compact with a bit luxurious style. Despite of being small, its carbon fiber housing enhance its durability. This product is capable of vaporizing dry herbs evenly because of the anodized heating chamber. Consequently, it can offer you rich and smooth vapor. The power of the vape is from 1200mAh battery. You can recharge it with micro USB charger once it is getting low. The pro is that beginners can use it since the operation is quite simple. Moreover, it is really lightweight which makes it portable. The con is you cannot adjust the temperature since it only has a single setting.

KandyPens SkyCloud:

At first glance, you might think KandyPens Skycloud to be the container of a mascara due to its cylindrical tube shape. It is small enough to put it into your pocket. Do not worry about its atomizer as it is firmly attached to the battery. It is available in plenty of colors like black, green, red, purple, etc. Meanwhile, you can use this vaporizer with oils, dry herbs, or waxes. You only need to switch the chamber for each ingredient. The operating system is quite easy by pressing the button 5 times to turn on or off. The pros of this best vape pen are its various options to vaporize and easiness to switch the atomizer. The con is it can get too hot sometimes.

Atmos Jr Vape Pen:

The last best vape pen to close this list is Atmos Jr. Comparing to its cousin, Atmos Rx, this one is a few inches smaller. In fact, it looks more like a pen light. Yet, it is not so small that you will break it easily once you keep it in your pocket. The vaporizer is compatible for waxes and dry herbs. Each of them has different application. Unlike the Rx, the battery life on this item is not equally good. It is because it has smaller battery to fit into the small vape. The pros are it can heat up quickly, it works best with waxes, and it leaves less mess. The con is it does not work that well in vaporizing herbs.

As you can see, these vaporizers have their own features to satisfy different vaping needs. What you only need to do is choosing one best vape pen that is suitable with you.