Giro Air Attack Shield Review

If you are a true rider and are looking for great helmets, then this Giro Air Attack Shield review can save you from the hassle for selecting a next level helmet for you. My Giro Air Attack Shield review is solely based on me personal experience with it as I have been a professional when it comes to races but have also found it very good to be used casually for all.

What it means? This means that this Giro Air Attack Shield review is not only for racing professionals and athletes but also for all those who seek to have proper protection while having fun on the go. It has a lot of features that are impressive, which can make you go buy it.

Giro Air Attack Shield Review

Giro Air Attack Shield Review: Features

I’ve listed some of the most promising features:

  • The Giro Aero Gear has now been transformed and designed to not only help professionals but also cater others in daily usage as well. It has been blended in such a way that it fits as a great road helmet and keep you comfortable overall.
  • Giro firstly had a helmet that was faster than other but this latest variant has an added shield to it for providing extra protection better than any standard helmet at all.
  • The shield has been kept in place with the help of three magnets. In this way there is a solid and strong connection between them and you won’t rattle at all.
  • The shield is not just any other style but it is made with the best Carl Zeiss lens that provides better vision and fully focused clarity.
  • The design is very cool and gives me the look as if I’m going to skating each time I wear it. It is because it has 6 large size vents in it that allow for the airflow. Four of these events are at the top while the remaining two are at the back
  • The best part as to why I enjoy using this helmet is that I never feel if I’m wearing it! It is so light that you will hardly feel anything on your head as the Roc Loc Air retention system keeps it a little away from your head for that light feeling. However, it can be tightened through increasable adjustments just the way I like it too. I can even adjust its rear basket to up to three increments for my maximum comfort and ease.

Giro Air Attack Shield Review: Reasons to Buy It

  • The shield is attached to the helmet but is done out of the way so it can be removed easily as well. Thus, it can also be flipped for easier handling and usage than other company helmets.
  • It has no flaps coming down and there is more air allowed to the head as the ears are covered too.

Thus, when the features make it lighter and cooler even in high racing temperatures, this helmet remains the best buy for all types of personal and professional users. I hope you have liked the Giro Air Attack review.