Michelin Commander 2 Review

There is no doubt about the fact that Michelin has had a great name when it comes to tires for the auto industry. Also, when it comes to great competition then Michelin has maintained a great brand name along the years. Thus, if you are looking for a Michelin Commander 2 review then you are at the right place. While other reviews do not offer you the right insight over specifically exclusive features, my Michelin Commander 2 review is will.

Michelin Commander 2 Review

Michelin Commander 2 Review:

Notable Things About Michelin Commander 2

  • The Michelin Commander 2 has many features and latest updates to offer you and these are given as follows:
    The Michelin Commander 2 cruiser tires are those that offer exclusive tread patterns through the famous flame effect. It makes use of longitudinal rain grooves to ride away any water from the contact patch.
  • The design of these Michelin Commander 2 tires is made in such a way that it supports more load bearing characteristics for the tire surface in the contact area than other tire designs that have radial rain grooves around the mid of the tire. They also take away more rubber out of the contact patch.
  • The tires of the Michelin are such that they deliver a lot of independence, freedom, and longevity that has been showed through testing the tires. These tires have been known to deliver twice the mileage while this has been verified and founded on commissioned third party testing companies. This was done on public roads for people and has definitely been very successful too.
  • The tires of this second updated trend also include their amplified density control technology. In this way there is better rigidity for the tires casing that gives better handling as well as feedback too.
  • When you come to the design you also have about 90 thread density plies instead of the standard 71 density plies. These plies are also square through their innovative bead-wire technology that allows for better accurate handling besides ease in installation.
  • The rear tires also have aramid fiber plies in them and in this way the weight is reduced besides reduced centrifugal distortion. As a result, the life and the stability of the tire, is also increased.
  • The depth of the tread in the rain groove has also now been increased to be about 6 mm now in comparison to the previous 2 mm depth.
  • Lastly, the tread compounds of the tire are also such that traction is increased in damp areas while tread life is also better besides having minimal flattening too.

Thus, if you look at these features and updates you shall see that high speed riding has been smart and comfortable besides cornering and stopping by that has been very sure footed on even harder and old side roads as well.

Now that you have read our exclusive Michelin Commander 2 review, it will help you in making the choice of buying the best tires that you are comfortable with.