Planet Eclipse Etha Review

There are lots of paintball gun in the world that offer superb qualities and performance besides easy features for added convenience and operation throughout. Buying a good paintball gun requires careful consideration and good market search if you really want to utilize the product in the maximum way. This Planet Eclipse Etha review is also one such review to guide people in the same aspects so that they can make the most of their arm.

Planet Eclipse Etha Review

Planet Eclipse Etha Review:

This Planet Eclipse Etha paintball gun review contains different striking features and the reasons why you should be giving it the buying preference over others.

Good Features About Planet Eclipse Etha:

The Planet Eclipse Etha might be somewhat in the same price range as other Geo markers are but when it comes to its design and related functionality then it is truly a very unique product of them all.
The design is such that a spring is used to return the bolt back in its position as soon as paint balls are fired. Thus, the pneumatic operation is very simple.

The material of the Etha is such that durable non-composite material is used to provide tight grips beside the eye covers and the feed neck both. Thus even if some might hesitate to use this lighter material but those who have used it know how strong it is.

The Planet Eclipse is a high end gun that has an SL 3 regulator which is flexible enough to take care of a variety of output pressures of the tank. It is because of its due reliability that it can boost the gun’s performance well. The best part is that the regulator is designed in such a way that it will still work irrespective of its pressure being high or low.

The most striking function of this model that I love is that the Etha paintball gun has a two-piece barrel that can let you fire in many different modes. It includes the semi-automatic capped and uncapped mode and the PSP mode as well. I also noticed that the Etha has a very slight kickback action while it is a bit loud when it comes to the noise. However, the part to consider is that the noise is not loud enough to be annoying. It is because it is just due to the porting holes being less in the barrel’s tip.

Reasons to Buy Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun:

Some of the reasons that can make it buy it instantly include:

  • The trigger is very crisp as it doesn’t use annoying magnets but a spring return. Thus, it works very smoothly for consecutive shots as they fire very accurately.
  • The overall feel of the Etha is very light while the marker’s contoured dual density also makes it very comfortable.
  • It is very affordable and has a great proprietary grip.
  • The grip, barrel, ASA, and trigger can all be upgraded.

Thus, now you know the right reasons to buy this gun through my Planet Eclipse Etha review you can be extremely confident about your purchase and enjoy it well.