Savage Model 11 308 Review

So you are a person who truly love your ammo and your amazing collections that you are proud of. Then, you would sure want to have a look at the Savage Model 11 308 review so that you can make a good buying decision for this latest model in rifles.

Well, to be true there are many Savage model 11 308 reviews available on the internet but my Savage model 11 review shall be by far the very best one as I have shared my personal experience of the model to help ammo lovers enjoy more from this savage model 11.

It has a lot of different features that one can make use of while I shall also highlight why you should buy this model. Let’s start!

Savage Model 11 308 Review

Savage Model 11 308 Review: Cool Features

  • It is a one-design rifle for all. This is the reason why it is compact, lightweight, accurate, and also reasonable when it comes to its rate of fire.
  • The turn-bolt feed design makes use of a floating bolt head that aligns with the chamber of the cartridge and helps to improve even more accuracy than any of its competitors.
  • It also comes with a 10 round detachable magazine box which is made through combinational polymer and stamped steel materials.
  • There is a small sliding plate extractor that grips the cartridge rim once any round is chambered in it even goes past the bolt face under the spring’s tension.
  • It also has a Savage and well regarded AccuTrigger that has a secondary blade. Thus, it must be depressed before striker is released from the main lever.

Savage Model 11 308 Review: Reasons to Buy It

  • While there are many other reasons as well but for a gun lover, this is simply the very best choice when it comes to its looks. It is truly spectacular and very bold-looking with tough solid black pieces that accentuate the dark vintage brown color along. This Riffle looks more precise than any other ammo ever seen.
  • It has additional shooters with the firearm that provide adequate performance, affordability, and handy features on the go.
  • This has such a chamber that the cartridge can bring about ample of targets very easily to give others a powerful defeat.
  • It is a true modern and production ready package full of all the necessary aiming functions needed.
  • The trigger is very reasonable and designed especially for safety user-adjustable purposes. There is also a manual safety on the tang which is just behind the bolt’s cocking piece. It also has three distinct positions in it.
  • You can also operate the bolt while the trigger is locked as the most forward position allows it to fire as well.
  • The 18 inch button rifled barrel is made of a very light contour.


  • The only cons it has are that it is a bit larger than other guns in size and the magazine needs to be seated correctly or it won’t fire.

Thus with true combination features, performance, and design, I seriously recommend this beauty for all ammo lovers out there!